Electropolishing Case Study: Food Processing Bushing



Food/Beverage - Manufacturers of valves




Exotic - Nitronic 60


The bushing is part of a valve that is used in railroad tank cars that transport corn syrup. The application calls for a totally clean product that is delivered to the end customer. There can not be any contamination/corrosion present in the tank car delivering the corn syrup. The corn syrup is crystal clear so the inside of the tank car can be viewed from the top porthole. The shipment will be rejected if corrosion the size of a dime is found in the delivered tank car.


Our customer chose electropolishing over passivation. Tests have shown electropolishing can provide as much as thirty times more corrosion protection. The bushing is electropolished inside and outside. We handle the bushing with care to avoid nicks and scratches and package them carefully. When we electropolish Nitronic 60 we produce an outstanding finish. The same customer uses Able Electropolishing on other valve components for the food and marine industries.

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