Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless stamping needing critical reflective surface for ultraviolet application

#1025 Decorative/Microfinish



Other - Manufacturers of high end fire detection systems




316 stainless steel


Our customer has designed a fail-safe method to alert the end customer that their fire detection system is working. The 316 stainless steel reflection ring Able® electropolishes reflects ultraviolet light continuously. The continual reflection will show the end customer that their system is operational.


Able electropolished the 316 stainless steel to a bright finish. We concentrate on the critical reflective surface. The reflection rings are carefully handled and placed into individual plastic auto bags. Able Electropolishing has been processing this part continuously for over ten years.

Note to engineer:In cases where reflectivity is critical, it is important to either specify an alloy with fine grain characteristics and/or properly level and prepare the surface with some sort of mechanical finishing. We have significant experience in reflective products made of stainless, aluminum and other alloys. For more details, please contact our technical representatives.

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