Electropolishing Case Study: Complex welded and formed assembly with contamination from welding

#1024 Decorative/Brite Passivation



Pharmaceutical - Used in autoclave
to sterilize products


Weldment/Formed - Tray


304 stainless steel


The customer fabricated a complex and expensive stainless tray that required the welding of various formed parts. As a somewhat delicate assembly, cleaning of weld areas without damage or distortion became problematic. The end customer required extensive cleaning to remove contaminants after welding to enhance corrosion resistance.


Use the BriteSM Passivating process to remove the free iron in the heat effected zones and brighten part. By dissolving surface metal, surface heat discoloration and imbedded impurities from the welding operation were removed. The final product was clean, bright and ready for final assembly.

Note to engineer:Stainless weldments are most economically electropolished if the joined materials are free of oils prior to welding. For advice and tips on improving electropolishing results on weldments, please contact our technical representatives.

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