Electropolishing Case Study: Machined steel gear needing surface improvement for noise reduction

#1023 Microfinish Improvement

Microfinish Improvement




Machined/Heat Treated - Motor Gear




Our customer had a problem with extraneous noise in the electric motors they manufacture. After extensive investigation, the noise was traced to the drive system, and specifically the gear surfaces.


We removed a total of .0005” +/-.0001” metal from the gear teeth. The customer could not afford to lose any material in the bore. The inside diameter was machined to the low side of the tolerance. To accommodate the customer’s needs we masked the bore, removing material from the gear teeth only. Electropolishing improved the surface finish and the end result is a quieter running gear. Our customer uses Able Electropolishing by design for their motor gears, allowing for material removal in their manufacturing specifications.

Note to engineer:We process gears for many companies nationally for another reason. When expensive and critical gears/splines grow during a heat treat operation, the careful removal of small amounts of surface metal can bring the part back to size dimensions.

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