Electropolishing Case Study: Copper stamping used in electronic assembly needing safe removal of fine burrs

#1022 Brite Deburring

Brite Deburring


Electronic/communication - Manufacturers of electronic assemblies


Stamping - Slotted Collar


Exotic - Beryllium Copper


The customer’s part is stamped and slotted in one operation. The small size of the part makes it very difficult to mass finish in order to deburr the four slots. A feather burr is still present after hand deburring. The part is very small measuring .1875” X .3750” X .0140” thick. The slotted collar is part of a critical assembly for aerospace cockpit lighting coaxial connectors. A smooth surface is required because a lens is imbedded in the slotted collar.


Able® electropolished several samples for the customer. They chose Able because of the joint development of the process to determine the right amount of surface metal removal to dissolve the micro burr. Able can control metal removal tolerances to +/-.0001”. The micro-burrs were removed after electropolishing and the part is chemically clean and in tolerance ranges.

Note to engineer:Electropolishing can remove a reasonable range of burr sizes, but works best on grinding, lapping or fine machining burrs. Heavy burrs from large stamping, broaching or slotting operations may not be totally dissolved. Please forward a blueprint or better yet a sample part for a no-cost evaluation.

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