Electropolishing Case Study: Heat treated stamping needing both brightening and improved corrosion resistance

#1021 Brite Passivation



Other - Manufacturers of breathing apparatus equipment


Stamping/Heat treated - Hook Latch


17-7 Precipitation-hardening stainless steel


Our customer makes a compact breathing oxygen tank, which attaches to a belt around the waist of mining personnel. The Hook/Latch is part of the carrying case. In case of a lack of oxygen the mine personnel can use the compact oxygen tank. The Hook/Latch is made of 17-7 Precipitated-hardened stainless steel stamping which has a high tensile strength. They are heat-treated and discoloration is produced on the surface. The heat treat discoloration is an oxide and will accelerate corrosion.



Our customer needed the maximum corrosion protection for this critical application. Passivation could not remove the heat treat discoloration. Our customer chose Able Electropolishing. Electropolishing removed a controlled amount of material. The surface was left free of oxides, scale and discoloration. The Hook/Latch is bright and passive after electropolishing.

Note to engineer:The electropolishing process uncovers the true base metal, and does not leave a coating that may chip or peel. Although stainless steels are most commonly electropolished, there are literally hundreds of alloys that respond well to the process.

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