1019 – Computer component needing surface improvement on many opposing surfaces

1019 – Computer component needing surface improvement on many opposing surfaces

#1019 - Micro Finish and Micro Deburring



Electronic/Communication - Manufacturers of computer
hard disc drive assembly equipment




420 Stainless Steel (Heat treated)


The subject is an integral part in the handling of hard drive components. Each arm on the ‘Comb’ has a tolerance of +/- .0002”. There must be a smooth finish on the angle of each arm. Smoothness is necessary to pickup and push five platens.



We were asked to electropolish samples for micro finish and micro deburring as well as clean up the heat treat discoloration. We were also required to hold the close tolerances. By electropolishing a controlled amount of material removal we were able to provide a smooth surface finish. Electropolishing also deburred the sharp edges and cleaned and passivated the surface. After electropolishing each part is gauged on a (CMM) coordinate measuring machine for tolerance and profile analysis. Our customer chose Able Electropolishing to provide a part that has a better surface finish, free from burrs and a clean passivated part within tight tolerance ranges.

Note to engineer:We process literally thousands of different parts, many with exacting or specialized gauging needs. In most instances, we can work with your QA requirements and special measuring systems.

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