1015 – Complex machined casting needing surface cleaning without part damage

1015 – Complex machined casting needing surface cleaning without part damage

#1015 - Brite Ultraclean and Brite Passivation


Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical - Manufacturers of sanitary flow meters for the beverage and pharmaceutical industry





316 Stainless Steel


Our customer requires a clean contaminant free surface. The part is part of an assembly that moves products such as milk, beer and pharmaceutical products. The part is machined then mechanically polished. The customer was looking to remove the impurities and oxides that contaminate the surface from machining and mechanical polishing. Most importantly, the process used to accomplish the critical cleaning could not damage the machined surfaces.


Our customer chose electropolishing to provide a clean and passive surface. Electropolishing removed the imbedded oxides from machining and polishing compounds with a controlled amount of material removal. After electropolishing the part is clean, passive in tolerance and ready for assembly.

Note to engineer: 316 stainless steel is often used in environments where corrosion is of high concern. With increasingly effective and harsh cleaning solutions, many are finding that electropolishing is necessary to maximize the resistance to corrosion. If you have specific corrosion standards/tests, please send us a sample part for eventual submission to test.

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