1014 – Clean room component needing contaminate-free metal surface

1014 – Clean room component needing contaminate-free metal surface

#1014 - Brite Ultraclean and Micro Deburring


Electronic/Communication - Manufacturers of laminar flow work
stations and clean rooms



Chemical etching


302 stainless steel


Our customer chemically etches intricate, thin components. The material can be as thin as .008”. The part must be chemically clean and burr free, as they are part of a clean room component/assembly. They must be handled carefully as not to damage or distort the part.


We electropolished the part with a controlled amount of material removal. Electropolishing provided a burr free and bright part for a highly clean, contaminant free, passivated surface. The parts are handled and packaged carefully to avoid damage.

Note to engineer: We handle extremely delicate parts for a variety of industries, and can recommend packaging or shipping methods to assure safe handling. For more details, please send a sample part for evaluation.

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