Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Parts Needed Brightening without Part Damage



Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Parts Neededing brightening without Part Damage




316 stainless steel


The "rinse arm’ is a critical component in a kidney dialysis machine. Our customer requires a clean contaminant free surface after machining and vibratory finishing. There is a blind hole in the rinse arm that must be fully passivated. We are required to hold critical machined tolerances. Each part required careful handling, inspection and packaging.


We electropolished several sample lots. We developed the electropolishing process for this specific component by experimenting with different amounts of controlled amount of material. The sample rinse arms were very bright, clean, in tolerance and fully passivated. By working with our customer we developed a suitable special final packaging arrangement. Our customer chose Able Electropolishing because we were willing to work with them on the critical details.

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