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Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Part Needing Clean Surfaces in Complex Recesses


Food/Beverage: Manufacturer of commercial ice making machines

Electropolishing Case Study: Machined Part Needing Clean Surfaces in Complex Recesses




303 stainless steel


The end customer designed the "extruding head" as a casting. The casting became extremely difficult to polish in the slotted areas. They tried mechanical polishing, buffing, aluminum oxide blasting and honing. All these methods proved expensive and time consuming. Though the casting was initially the most economical fabrication, finishing costs were prohibitively expensive.


Our customer decided to try machining then electropolishing the extruding head. We electropolished several control samples and the results looked promising. The end customer tested the new design in their ice making equipment. The tests were successful. The end customer had a part that went from several costly uncontrollable steps down to two: machining and electropolishing. Electropolishing provided a smooth, bright passive, defect free surface all in one low cost operation.

Note to engineer: For electropolishing to be cost effective on stainless castings, the casting must be proper density and free of foreign material. Please call our support staff for details.

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