1008- Machined casting used in beverage filling application

1008- Machined casting used in beverage filling application

#1008 - Brite Microfinishing


Food/Beverage - Manufacturers of beverage filling equipment


Casting with machined surfaces

Microfinish Improvement


304 stainless steel


parts were originally blasted after casting, but this caused seating problems when assembled with other components, causing leaking to occur. The customer then machined the problem areas but the finish was still not correcting the problem.


electropolishing smoothed out the surface on the machined areas allowing a better fit, and eliminating leaks. In addition, electropolishing enhanced the “cleanability” of the part by smoothing the entire surface of the part.

Note to engineer:

1. By removing surface metal electro-chemically, the peaks and valleys left from normal fabrication are reduced. Further study using high-magnification photography would confirm. Please see related cases on microfinishing.

2. Electropolishing can be precisely controlled for critically dimensioned parts. Fax or email prints outlining important dimensions and we can guide you on various options.

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