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Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Stel & Brass Assembly with Braze & Flux Contamination


Electronics/Telecom: Manufacturers of fiber optic equipment


Machined, Brazed assembly


303 SS, 304 SS and free machining brass


The shaft assembly is comprised of dissimilar metals that are silver brazed. The splatter and residue from brazing created some expensive secondary operations to produce a smoother finish and a clean surface. The part was tumbled to obtain a smooth finish, but tumbling alone could not remove the excess silver braze from the part.

Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Steel & Brass Assembly with Braze & Flux Contamination (Before)


Electropolishing removed the excess silver braze, while smoothing and cleaning the surfaces of all three dissimilar metals. After electropolishing, the parts are free of oxides and other contaminants. Metal removal was controlled so that the threaded areas were not adversely altered.

Note to engineer:Assemblies, especially those with dissimilar metals are particularly tricky. If the assembly is of particular importance or of higher volume, we can assist in providing design or fabrication tips to lower costs or improve quality. Please call for assistance.

Electropolishing Case Study: Stainless Steel & Brass Assembly with Braze & Flux Contamination (After)

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