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Delaware Electropolishing, Passivation & Deburring Service

When you need high-quality, efficient metal finishing operations in Delaware, Able Electropolishing can help. We provide electropolishing, passivation and many other metal finishing services for clients across the globe. No matter what state or even what country you are in, we can meet your needs with our industry-leading facility, quick turnaround time and multiple shipping options.

Industry Pioneers

Founded in 1954, Able Electropolishing regularly provides metal finishing services like electropolishing and passivation to Delaware, as well as other states and countries across the globe. In our facility, we run three equally-staffed shifts, and we ship and receive orders 12 hours daily, so we can process orders as consistently as possible with the speed and accuracy you need.
We perform our signature electropolishing service on both common and rare alloys, with consistent and high-quality results. Every day, we work with parts large and small, as well as parts delicate and sturdy. No matter what your order size, we provide drop-ship and split shipment options for our clients, as well.

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Want to see an example of our metal finishing capabilities, like electropolishing and passivation? We process free samples every day, so you can get a first-hand look at how our metal finishing processes make a difference to your products. Our dedicated account managers work closely with clients to learn their needs and to help them achieve the results they require.

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