Sanitary Packaging for Electropolished Products

High Quality Clean Packaging for Finished Products

Customers come to Able with various packaging requirements, and, in many cases, we are the final step in production before the part goes directly into use or is assembled in a controlled environment. Learn more about our clean packaging capabilities.

Advanced Processing for Electropolished Parts

As an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified company, our No. 1 goal is always to meet our customers’ needs—and packaging is one part of the process not to be overlooked.  Some metals that we electropolish, such as copper and brass, will oxidize over time if not packaged properly.  A part vacuum sealed and purged of oxygen can last in inventory longer and remain in the same condition as the day it was electropolished.

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Clean Packaging for a Variety of Industries

Metals that typically do not oxidize, such as stainless steel, titanium, niobium and others, sometimes need to be packed in an atmospherically controlled environment based on the specific application and cleanliness requirements. This type of packaging is pertinent to many of the various sectors Able serves, such as medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food & beverage, semiconductor, high voltage, ultra high purity systems, automation, as well as laser and optics systems.

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How Controlled Environment Packaging Works

Following electropolishing or other metal finishing treatments, certain parts need to be packaged with custom packaging methods. To meet the clean packaging requirements for these parts, Able Electropolishing has the ability to purge with nitrogen and vacuum seal parts in custom bags.  Parts are packed within an ISO Class 5 Clean Bench for enhanced cleanliness control. At Able, we are proud to provide our clean packaging options to best serve our customers. If you have specific packaging needs for your electropolished or passivated parts, we will work with you to develop the appropriate clean packaging for your particular application.

For components requiring special packaging, please contact our sales department to discuss your needs.

Contact us to learn more about clean packaging