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Able will remain fully operational during the “Shelter in Place” order by the State of IL in response to the COVID-19 Virus. Able Electropolishing has been deemed a critical service for the medical and defense industries so we are continuing our operations and should be exempt from any local, state or federal restrictions on business operations.

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Electropolishing Service for Parts in Bulk

Electropolishing Services for Bulk Products

Are you searching for an economical way to brighten and passivate your stainless steel fasteners, springs or other small parts?

In the early 1990’s, Able Electropolishing developed a bulk electropolishing process that was designed specifically to provide a bright and passive surface on stainless steel fasteners. Responding to our customer requests, we were able to add a service that gave the fastener industry an economical means of improving the appearance and corrosion resistance on various fasteners that was superior to standard chemical passivation. Over time, the technology has been expanded to include pins, rivets, springs, wire forms and other stainless steel parts. An alternative to the standard “rack” electropolishing where you have to make electrical contact with each part, “bulk” electropolishing is performed by placing parts in a basket.

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Bulk Electroplishing vs. Rack Electropolishing

When contemplating the use of our bulk electropolishing process versus rack electropolishing it is important to keep in mind the differences.

First of all, the bulk process is designed for parts that don’t have close tolerances. Since we are not making individual contact with each part as with the rack process, you will see a wide range of material removal within each lot. As a result of the material removal variation, you will see a variation in the finish quality as well. In addition, the bulk process works best on parts that are cylindrical and don’t nest. Even though the parts are agitated during processing, parts that nest will shield surfaces and result in areas that are not polished. Lastly, the bulk process is best suited for 300 and 400 series stainless steel.

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Our Process

Bulk electropolishing at Able Electropolishing meets the following industry specifications:
ASTM A967, ASTM A380 and ASTM B912.

Please contact our sales department to discuss your application. We are always willing to process sample lots at no charge for evaluation. (For bulk electropolishing, please plan on sending a minimum of 250 pieces to sample).

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