Titanium Anodizing

Our color anodizing generates an array of colors without adding dyes or other foreign material to the titanium alloy. Because we do not add colors, but rather utilize natural titanium oxides, the bright, vibrant colors from our titanium anodizing treatment lasts indefinitely, resisting discoloration and fading over time.

APPLICATIONS FOR TITANIUM ANODIZINGcolor coding is a visual identifier of product or size

Companies use titanium anodizing services for multiple applications. The color anodizing process is used not only as a decorative finish, but also as a means of color coding for product or size identification.

Able Electropolishing developed its titanium anodizing process primarily for the medical industry but is used for other industries as well. From dental tips to bone screws, Able can perform color anodizing on a range of products.


Titanium anodizing colors the surface of titanium parts without changing the metallurgical properties of the metal. This process works by altering the surface oxide level, allowing a range of different colors to be added without the use of dyes or coatings.

Because of the lack of added dyes, titanium anodizing is a great fit for components that require a sanitary finish. This makes anodizing titanium popular for medical and dental applications where part identification is critical.

color anodizing colors Able Electropolishing

Available colors for anodizing from Able Electropolishing. Colors may appear slightly different due to monitor resolution.


The medical industry uses color coding for many different metal parts in a variety of applications. It is crucial for the instant recognition of parts as soon as they’re needed, helping save time while increasing accuracy. Many different products require titanium anodizing for color coding, including dental implants, orthopedic instruments, medical instruments, and device components. This process allows parts to be coded with either standardized or specialty colors to make surgical processes more efficient.

Other technical industries such as aerospace also utilize color coding to make it easier to identify parts while also improving accuracy and timing during assembly.

Whether it’s needed for improved construction of parts down the assembly line or for the accurate identification of medical or dental implants, many applications will find titanium anodizing to be vital. With titanium anodizing for medical parts or others, you’ll be able to meet industry standards while making processes simpler and more efficient.

color anodizing utilizes titanium oxide to create lasting natural colorFULL METAL FINISHING SERVICES FROM ABLE

At Able, we have the ability to do much more than titanium color anodizing. We’re a world leader in providing a variety of metal finishing treatments. Many companies rely on our signature electropolishing service as the “final step” in their manufacturing process. Along with the color anodizing and electropolishing, we also offer passivation, laser marking, contract cleaning and custom packaging. Able also takes pride in our ability to process parts to high standards. Because we are an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified company, you can trust that we will treat your parts with care.

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