Electropolishing Case Study: Food equipment with welding contamination

#1045 Decorative/Brite Passivation


Food/Beverage - Manufacturers of Heat Holding food equipment.





304 Stainless Steel


The weldment is used in a food heating system for a major fast food chain. The part is formed and welded. They require a uniform and stain-free appearance. However, the welding creates discoloration and contaminates the (HAZ) heat affected zone. The (HAZ) is a source of a contaminated oxide from the heat generated by the welding process. This created a serious finishing problem.



By using Able Electropolishing our customer receives a part clean and bright inside and out. Even the deep corners are clean and uniformly bright. By removing a controlled amount of metal from the surface of the component, all oxides, scale and discoloration are removed. The electropolished finish is resistant to food stains and it will remain bright clean and passive after cleaning with the harshest detergents. The resultant surface is durable, without residual coatings to chip or flake off. Electropolishing includes all this at a fraction of the cost of other finishing methods. That is why for years our food equipment customers have chosen Able Electropolishing for their metal finishing needs.

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