Electropolishing Case Study: Food/beverage component needing high corrosion resistance to cleaning chemicals.

#1044 Brite Passivating


Food/Beverage, machinery - Manufacturers of industrial spraying systems





316 Stainless Steel


The customer needed a reliable method to insure corrosion resistance on spraying system components. Passivation alone would not stand up to constant use. These parts are used in a variety of industries, including breweries for cleaning tanks.



Electropolishing proved to be the best method. After electropolishing the parts are 30 times more resistant to corrosion over passivated parts.

Note to engineer: Advancements in cleaning solutions/chemicals and development of Clean In Place (CIP) standards have allowed food and beverage machinery users to clean equipment more quickly with reduced down time. However, these more aggressive procedures are stressing the corrosion resistance of the mostly stainless product contact surfaces. Electropolishing is more commonly being specified as a final stainless cleansing process. As America’s largest electropolishing specialist, we have significant experience in this critical area. For more details, please contact our technical representatives.

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