Electropolishing Case Study: Machined parts that are oversized and rejected

#1030 Brite Sizing

Decorative Microfinish






303 Stainless Steel


The threads on the part were machined oversize. Parts wouldn’t accept go gage and their customer rejected parts.


Remove .001 material from the diameter to size the threads to fit go gage. We were able to salvage approximately 300,000 parts that were destined for the scrap bin.

Note to engineer:Parts fabricated oversize or that have grown in size due to heat treating generally respond well to salvaging via electropolishing. Bear in mind that sizing applications requiring lower ranges of stock removal (.002” or less) IN GENERAL respond better. In addition, we can mask or favor certain areas of larger or more complex parts. If you have an oversize part that may be a candidate for salvaging, please send samples or provide a blueprint for specific recommendations.

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